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On May 16th 2014 Father Alex arranged an Open Meeting with members of the Cheltenham group of the St Vincent de Paul Society to which everyone was invited. It was in response to requests from members of the Parish who were looking for ways in which they could serve others, ways in which they could put their faith into action.

As it turned out only a few people attended, and those of us that did felt that what was on offer through St Vincent de Paul was not what was needed in our parish. But we still felt that there were people in need, and that we would like to be involved in helping them. This was not to replace any of the excellent work that we know is already being done by different groups and individuals within the Parish, rather it was to find a role for ourselves in supplementing it.

Rather tentatively a small group met for the first time on 27 June 2014. How to begin?

After much discussion we decided that the beginning had to be with prayer.

We felt that as we prayed together we would gradually find out what it was that we needed to do, how we could put our faith into action. We also decided on the name for the group, and that we would meet on the last Monday of each month . At the moment the venue is in a home, but this may change. In fact anything about the group might change!

So far we have had much prayer, and very little action! But this is as it should be. We have begun our meetings with music, Bible reading, meditation and prayers, and these simple acts have already helped us to bond together as a group. Our most recent meeting focused on the way in which St Paul describes the Church as the body of Christ, with different members having different roles. We were given a sense of our small group as being a body, and of us learning to understand and to value each other’s strengths and gifts.

Of course this is not an exclusive group – anyone who shares our vision for Christian service is most welcome to join. Do let us know if you are interested, even if you cannot make the meetings (we may be able to change dates/times to suit you better ! ). As a group we are just beginning, but we do already have the sense that we are on an exciting journey which we would love to share.

Susan and John Terry

For further information about the time or venue please contact Susan Terry on 01453 511088 or Sue Whitney on 01453 542410.

Faith In Action Meetings

Meetings which are held at the Presbytery, St Dominic's Church normally take place at 5.30pm on the last Monday of each month.  Meeting Dates >

The format of the meetings is as follows:

Pray to come into the presence of God.
Opening prayer.
Listen to a chosen piece of music
Reading from the scriptures.
Ten minutes silence.
Share and listen.
Intercessory prayer.
Discussion regarding practicalities and actions.
Review of meeting - Good, not so good, take away?
Closing Prayer.

Future Meetings Dates (5.30pm at the Presbytery, St Dominic's Church unless otherwise stated)


Monday 9th January
Monday 30th January
Monday 20th February
(no March meetingdue to Lent Course)
Monday 24th April
Monday 5th June
Monday 26th June
Monday 31 July
Monday 4th September
Monday 23rd October
Monday 27th November 


Past meetings:


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Monday 30th May 2016
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