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First Communion: July 2021

We welcomed fifteen children to receive their First Communion during the Masses at Nympsfield and Dursley on the weekend of 3 and 4 July

Confirmation: June 2021

Under licence from the Bishop, Father Philip confirmed our remaining candidate, Magda, during the 10.30 Mass on Sunday 21 June

Improvements to the Church Balcony May 2021

The height of the balcony frontage has been increased to comply with safety requirements. A very neat purpose made rail with an infill of uprights was constructed by our local builders. 
In addition the stairs and floor of the balcony have now been carpeted giving it a much nicer feel altogether and the stairs are much quieter when being used.

Our Parish Charity for 2021

Stella Maris (The Apostleship of the Sea) was voted as our charity of the year. If you want to know more about the charity click Here

Coronavirus March 2020

As a result of the advice being given to minimise risk the Lent Group meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Our Parish Charity for 2020

The Clifton Refuge Sponsorship was voted as our charity for 2020. In October Pat Uglow set herself a sponsored challenge to play 84 hymns, one for each year of her life. 
She completed the challenge and raised an amazing £2,333 for our charity. For more information about the charity click Here

Great 10K Run for the Cafod Lent Appeal 2019

Following last year's succesfull event when we raised £1,490 for the Cafod Lent appeal our youth @ St Dominic group organised another fundraising event for Cafod on Saturday 18th May 2019.
Neary 30 people gathered to take part in one of the 3 events. A 6 kilometre walk, a 10 kilometre run or a 10 kilometre bike ride. Everyone completed their course and well over £1,400 was raised. 

Our Parish Charity for 2019

The Tallinding Project was voted as the Parish Charity for the current year and we will be holding a series of fund-raising events during 2019.
THE TALLINDING PROJECT started as an effort to help with the building of a Nursery School in the area known as Tallinding, which is a part of Serrekunda, the largest town in The Gambia, West Africa. It has been run by John and Christine Carter who live in Cam (near Dursley) for many years. They continue to help and support many children in that area who would otherwise not have access to education in any form.

youth @ St Dominic's 2019

An initiative to involve our youth of secondary school age in the activitities of the Church.
It includes "First Sundays" which is the Liturgy of the Word especially for the youth held in the Presbytery at 10.30am on the first Sunday of each month.
Activities include Fundraising , Quiet Days, Youth Masses and much more. Click here for More information. (Opens in new window)

Great 10K Run for the Cafod Lent Appeal 2018

The event of the day on a sunny Saturday 19 May 2018 was St Dominic's Great 10k Run. Six young people from Dursley and Nympsfield accompanied by six adults completed their run from Halmore to Frampton-on-Severn in style, with parents and well-wishers joining them for some well deserved celebratory food and  drink and of course for the presentation of medals by Father Philip. All along the main focus of the run was to raise money for the CAFOD Lent Appeal, much of which will be doubled up by UK Aid. The original target had been £750, so the final total of £1490.50 was an enormous achievement. Congratulations to all concerned.   See photos (Opens in new window)

 November 2017 - Church boiler finally retires

The Church boiler was over 30 years old. When the service engineer visited to service it he declared it to be dangerous and beyond repair so it had to be decommissioned.

It took a silly amount of time and effort to get quotes for fitting a new boiler and repairing some of the pipework but we got there in the end.

Work started in December and parishioners were advised to come to Church with plenty of layers in the meantime. We did install electric heaters but due to the limitation of the power points in the Church 5 convectors was the best we could do. 

October 2017 - New Altar, Ambo and Font (all in Stone)

During the week 16th - 20th October 2017 the Church was closed whilst all the installation work was done.

It is fair to say that the result was impressive and well received my most, if not all, parishioners.

See new Altar Ambo and Font Pictures


February 2016 - First Holy Communion Classes

First Holy Communion Classes will will be held at St Joseph's School from February to June 2016.
The children will be receiving their First Holy Comminion on Sunday 12th June at St Dominic's Church

October 2015 - Father Philip Beisly comes to the Dursley and Nympsfield Parish

Father Philip Beisly became our Parish Priest on 1st October 2015.
Father Alex Redman, our Parish Priest for the previous 5 years, moved to Our Lady of Lourdes in Weston-Super-Mare.

September 2015 -  Borderlands Charity

In September 2015 it was agreed to support the Borderlands charity which works with refugees and asylum seekers in central Bristol.

The first fund raising event which raised £250 was organised by Faith in Action and the Social Committee. This was a bread and soup lunch held after the 10:30 Mass on Sunday 13th September.
Hilary Jones the Chief Executive of the charity gave a presentation explaining the valuable work they do. The Church supports a different chosen charity each year by fund raising for them.For more information about the Borderlands charity click here

January 2015

New Stained Glass Window

In January 2015 the rusting plain round window above the main entrance door of the Church was replaced with a new stained glass window.
It was made and designed by Graham Dowding Stained Glass Ltd. of Ruskin Mill Nailsworth and paid for by genorous donations given specifically for the project.
The window was blessed during Mass on Sunday 14th June 2015 by Fr Alex. See pictures