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During the Summer Holidays we are not producing a weekly Children's Liturgy


CAFOD Children's Liturgy resources

Recent Children's Liturgies:

Sunday 18 July: Jesus is compassionate

Sunday 11 July: Jesus asks us to share His love

Sunday 4 July: Looking for the good in everyone

Sunday 27 June: We pray for God's healing

Sunday 20 June: Jesus is with us when we are frightened and afraid

Sunday 13 June: The small things we do can make a big difference





 A Child's Prayer:

Dear Baby Jesus help me to be good,

To do the things and say the things that all good children should.

And sometimes if I slip a bit and things get out of hand,

Please Baby Jesus, make the grown-ups understand,that it isn't

always easy to be as good as good can be,

but I am getting better now because you are helping me.