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Sunday 5 September: Twenty third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus heals a deaf man



God of love, open our ears to hear your word, and open our hearts that we may always speak up for what is right.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen

Children's Liturgy for 5 September


Sunday 12 September: Twenty fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who do you say that I am?


Christ Jesus, you call us to follow you. May we have the courage to answer that call, even in the most difficult times. Amen

Children's Liturgy for 12 September


Sunday 19 September: Twenty fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who is the greatest?

God of all, you are always there for us. Help us to see what other people need, as well as what we need. Amen

Children's Liturgy for 19 September



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 A Child's Prayer:

Dear Baby Jesus help me to be good,

To do the things and say the things that all good children should.

And sometimes if I slip a bit and things get out of hand,

Please Baby Jesus, make the grown-ups understand,that it isn't

always easy to be as good as good can be,

but I am getting better now because you are helping me.