The Catholic Churches of St Dominic's Dursley and St Joseph's Nympsfield

St Dominic's   St Joseph's

  Parish Priest: Father Philip Beisly,    Permanant Deacon: Domenic Bucci



Friday 21 January: 7.00pm at St Dominic's

Saturday 22 January: 5.30pm at St Joseph's

Sunday 23 January: 10.30am at St Dominic's

Wednesday 26 January: 9.00am at St Dominic's

Thursday 27 January: 10.00am at St Joseph's

Friday 28 January: 7.00pm at St Dominic's



Pope Francis has launched a worldwide process of listening and discerning, a ‘synodal pathway’. Synodal means ‘journeying together’. As members of the Church, we do not journey through life alone but as members of a community. The Pope is inviting the entire Church to reflect on this theme and on how the Church’s teaching can be lived and applied in the changing context of our time. This synodal process is a time to reflect together on the journey. We will begin by listening to one another, sharing our experience of travelling together in this day and age, a time made even more challenging by the current pandemic. And we will consider our wider experience of journeying together, as members of the Church and alongside others journeying in the world.

We are being given a number of questions to consider which are available for the next few weeks on St Dominic’s Parish website, and on printed sheets at the back of the church. When you have had time to think about them, you are asked either to write down your thoughts anonymously and post them in the box at the back of the Church or write them on one of the post-it notes and stick it on the board at the back of the Church. If you prefer to e-mail your comments to the Parish they will be treated in the strictest confidence. You do not have to answer all of the questions!

We ask as many of you as possible to take part in this. Everybody’s thoughts and views are important and should be heard.

Synod Questions


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 Contact for both Churches is: St Dominic's Catholic Church, Jubilee Road, Dursley GL11 4ES Tel:01453 542039
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